There's a lot to know when it comes to protecting your home - the types of coverage available, how much protection you need, and what represents a fair price. That's why it's more important than ever to have Coe Insurance looking out for you and your family. At Coe Insurance we talk with you, learn about your home and what makes it special to you, and help you find the coverage that best meet your needs.

Whether you've just purchased a starter home, dream home or cozy retirement retreat, its the center of your life - a place of comfort and security for you and your family. And though no two home owners and their homes are alike, there is one thing all have in common: a need to protect the most important investment you may ever make.

    Coe Insurance can help you with customized protection which includes:
  • Broader Coverage for your personal property or personal injury.
  • Personal Excess Liability or Umbrella coverage.
  • Flood Insurance.
  • Home Business Coverage.
  • Special Coverage (i.e. Sewer/Septic Backup, Increased Limits for Jewelry/valuables, Theft)
  • Additional Replacement Cost Protection.
  • Identity Theft Protection Program.
  • Renewal Credits or Discounts (i.e. Loss-Free Discount, New Home Buyer Discount, Multi-Product Discount).
  • Security Alarm or Protective Devices Discount(s)

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When it comes to insuring your home and personal possessions, you can place your trust in Coe Insurance, talk with us today!