When you take to the water, protect your family, guests and your investment with the very best in marine insurance. Our boat program provides comprehensive basic coverage with personalized enhancements designed to match your individual needs. Specialized marine claim representatives are available to get you back on the water quickly. You've worked hard to acquire your boat, make sure you have the right protection for it.

At Coe Insurance we can customize a boat insurance policy that can give you the protection you need at the price you can afford. To give you the maximum in flexibility and affordability.

    Coe Insurance can help you customized your Boat Insurance that covers:
  • Physical Damage Coverage in the event a collision with a submerged object or another boat.
  • Liability Coverage for bodily injury or damage to the property of others.
  • Personal Property Coverage which protects personal property on the boat. (cloths, stereo, cameras, etc.)
  • Towing and Assistance Coverage to transport your boat to a repair facility when it's inoperable and you're stranded.
  • Emergency services such as gas delivery for boats and roadside assistance are also available.
  • Broad navigation territories covering the continental US and Canada are available.
  • Discounts available for Educational safe boating courses.
  • Equipment credits are available for safety equipment such as built-in fire extinguisher systems and burglar alarms.

Your boat is a symbol of your success, a reward you've given yourself for all those years of hard work, and now it's time time to play. Don't let anything get in the way of the good times. Be sure to protect yourself with the finest marine insurance out there. Coe Insurance has you covered in more ways than one! Call us today for a free boat quote!